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Why Choose Verhaeghe Law Office

If you are in the process of getting a divorce, representing yourself in court, as opposed to enlisting a lawyer, must be one of the things that you are considering in order to save on costs. However, this could turn out to be a very bad decision because there are a lot of things that hiring a divorce lawyer provide you. Here are some of the top reasons to choose Verhaeghe Law Office as your divorce lawyers in Edmonton.


For either spouse, divorce can be, to a great degree, a very emotional event. You will be feeling a combination of several things - acrimony, sadness, stress. This degree of emotional upheaval, and the way that you cannot in any way, shape, or form be objective about what is happening will certainly affect your judgment negatively. Working through whatever feelings you are going through can take time and effort, and if you are doing this when the case is ongoing, it will negatively impact your capacity to obtain the best solutions to ensure that there is a fair agreement between the two of you. A lawyer is an objective third party who can take a step back from all the emotional entanglements involved in the case so that he can help you find the best resolution.


One of the worst things about getting a divorce is all the stress that comes with it. Procuring a lawyer to deal with all the complicated legal stuff is a great way to lower your stress levels while the process is ongoing. While the lawyer at Verhaeghe Law Office will need your help in certain aspects of the case, he or she will deal with nearly everything else, so that you will have enough time to focus on healing yourself and your other family members. The legal work involved in the divorce should be the least of your priorities, so make sure that you have a lawyer by your side to help you out.


Most people are not aware of what they are qualified for under their state's divorce law. An exceedingly gifted lawyer will ensure that you do not get exploited and that you know exactly what your rights will make you entitled to. Remember that if your former spouse is working with a lawyer, they might try to take advantage of your ignorance. Hiring a lawyer can help you deal with this to reach a solution that is equally beneficial. Click here!


If you are dealing with child custody and legal guardianship, a lawyer is also a great resource to have. During the divorce process, you may want to have full custody of your children, or you may want to have joint custody with your ex spouse. A lawyer can help you identify what is best for you. For further details regarding lawyers, go to